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1.Is it OK to just treat the area which really needs it?

Reiki can be given on any area of the body mind and soul that needs healing. Overall, doing full body reiki healing on regular basis, balances the body and separate healing is not required. But additional reiki healing can be given in case of specific problems to the needed area. There is no limitation of quality and quantity healing in reiki. Once a person is practicing reiki on regular basis, the intuition power is enhanced and that acts as a guidance for healing self and others.

2.Should I pray or do a mantra or some ritual before beginning a treatment or while doing Reiki ?

No Reiki does not involve any reciting of mantras, and it is ritual free i.e, one can continue with their regular day-to-day activities while doing Reiki or undergoing any healing treatment. Reiki calm one’s body mind and soul. Before beginning self healing or treatment of a healee, make yourself calm and relax, as whenever one is lost in his own thoughts one is disconnected from the present moment. Another way to make one relaxed and to connect with the person being treated is to concentrate on the breathing process of self. This helps to gaining concentration towards Reiki and helps to pacify the mind.

3.Is Reiki only for sick people?

No, can ne taken by any person. But it is best for the sick person because it helps them heal faster. In fact, Reiki is one of the best preventative and curative technique available on earth. Reiki can be used with the attitude of maintaining good health rather than waiting for something to go wrong

4.Do I need to change my clothes or remove jewellery to either give or receive Reiki treatments?

No it is not necessary to remove any jewellery or change clothing while taking or giving Reiki treatments as Reiki is not a bound form of energy. Rather it is a independent form of energy that does not require any changes.

5.Can Reiki be used with any other form of spiritual/ occult sciences?

Yes, Reiki free to be used with any other therapy. Rather it will help faster to grow in other fields.

6.Is there any need to change diet pattern, while doing or giving Reiki?

No it is not necessary to change diet patterns while receiving any treatment and doing self reiki. It is advisable to drink a lots of fluid/water for intoxicating self.

7.Is reiki linked with magical therapies ?

No, not at all. Reiki has nothing to do with any magical therapies. It is natural and universal form of energy which is common in all and anybody can do it without any qualification. Reiki energy follows a natural path of healing and requires time for healing the diseases and tribulations.

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