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Mr. Surinder Tandon  

Surinder Tandon, a graduate from Delhi University, worked in commercial world in top positions for over 30 years. His wife, Santosh Tandon, graduate from Delhi University was a home maker. She was a good supporter, motivator and with her efforts he has taken to teaching Reiki as full time vocation.

He has been a Reiki practitioner since March 1990, was initiated by Reiki teacher Suman and Puran Dua. He has the privilege of taking the blessings of Mrs. Shyamal Durve in an intensive programme in Delhi, which inspired him more to be in Reiki and rigorously he is following the principles and methods of Reiki in day to day activities.

Since 1965 he was in search of a simple but inexpensive healing system. In the process, through independent learning and experimenting on family members, friends and himself he has mastered many healing therapies. He learnt yoga, practiced tantra, mantra, naturopathy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and many other ocult sciences.

But the experiences, he got in Reiki took him more in this therapy. Today he live, think, talk, and most importantly, experience daily that the best simplest and most effective of all therapies is Reiki.

It is now 12 years he has practiced and experienced Reiki. The power of Reiki, its symbols and clairvoyance are nowhere available in a book form. It cannot be taught and can only be experienced through self practice, meditations, and healings. These symbols are god power embodied in each of them and are useful tools in Reiki.

Over the years he has done thousands of healing, and taught Reiki to thousands of people. He has experienced many numbers of miracles, through the use of Reiki, its symbols, the power of atttunement and blessings of Reiki to any living being.

During the Reiki workshops, Surinder Tandon mingles science and philosophy to lead you onto a full life. His teachings are practical and fun filled that involve the participation of all.

Contact No.: 09818020354 (Pitampura, New Delhi)
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