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Mrs. Neelima Srivastava  

By the grace of Reiki and with the blessing of her Reiki guru Neelima Srivastava started her journey in Reiki from April 2001 with love and support of her family. Since long time she was in search of an art, a technique or a therapy that can heal the sufferings of the society. She is thankful to Ms. Renu Goel, as she introduced her to Reiki.

She was initiated by Reiki Grand Master Sh. Surinder Tandon Ji in April 2001. It is now nine years she is in Reiki and following the principles of Reiki and living a blessed life.

During her journey of Reiki, she has done a number of healings and initiations and experienced that Reiki is a unique way of healing.It is not less than a miracle,It totally transforms a person’s life if a person is practicing Reiki daily and following 5 great principles of Reiki. According to her view, Reiki is not only a healing therapy but it is a new art of living a complete, blessed and sahaj life.

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