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Mrs. Neelam Gautam  

Neelam Gautam, a post graduate in chemistry is a home – maker. Her husband, Amarjit Gautam, a Computer Engineer and an “IRAS” working in Railway P.S.U as A.G.M (Finance), is a caring and very supportive husband .She is blessed with two adorable kids, Siddhant and Aditya.

She learnt Reiki 1 & 2 in 2003 by Reiki Sensei Vijay Bansal Sir, who is a follower of Nalin Narula, Seventh Sensei and Fourth Grandmaster of Reiki. In 2008, she was initiated 3A by Reiki Grand master Sarika Mittal Mam. In 2009 she got the opportunity to meet and take the blessings of Sarika mam’s Reiki guru, Reiki Grandmaster, Surinder Tandon Sir. Reiki teacher’s blessings and guidance gave her a real meaning of life and living. She learnt to analyse her “Self”. After following the principles of Reiki and regular Reiki practice, she has achieved inner bliss and joy in her life. “She considers her life as a parenthesis in eternity, a small blip on the stage of the Universe. As she can take nothing with her when she’ll leave , then the real meaning of her existence is to give and serve others .She keep this in mind. When she wakes up in the morning, she repeats this mantra: “I will serve others today, I will care for others today, and will be kind today”, and this mantra bring her Huge Returns......

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