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Ms. Hina Mittal  

Hina Mittal, an IT engineer from Apeejay Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi, has been working in the Online Marketing sector for the last 5 years in Delhi.

She got inspired by Reiki when her mother Mrs. Sarika Mittal, a Grand Master learned Reiki. She was initiated by Reiki Grand Master Mr. Surinder Tandon in the year 2002. She is Reiki Healer Master.

Through her Grand Master’s blessings & Reiki, she has been able to come out of very difficult situations and experienced a number of miracles. She has been in Reiki for the past 8 years and has been practising Reiki on a daily basis.

Reiki has transformed her life since she started following the principles of Reiki in day-to-day life. She is confident about life today and has learned to enjoy the ‘present’. She has been benefited from the fact that Reiki works on the intensity of the strength of the intention. She has learned to achieve happiness & satisfaction in life through Reiki.

She is immensely grateful to Reiki & her Grand Master for showing her a very different aspect of life.

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