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Healing Through Reiki  

When we treat someone with Reiki, we do this by placing our both hands gently on various parts of the body. We will start feeling a kind of flowing sensation, a sensation of warmth, which can turn heat or become quite cold. This feeling is also experienced by the healee along with the healer during the treatment.Most of the healee begin to relax during treatment may fall asleep, but it is not necessary. Release of emotions may occur during the healing process and sometimes tears might flow from eyes. The healee may also feel relax by breathing in and out or a laugh of relief is released. This release of emotions may vary from person to person or depending on the reason for treatment.  
Reiki will bring us a decisive step closer to an original state of order. When someone is treated with Reiki, he is brought back into a state of unity with the harmony of the universe. This harmony will reach in his smallest of cells, makes him whole and healthy, thus encouraging the natural ability of the patient to heal him. And a state of relaxation is achieved by the patient.

Again, the effects of Reiki differ from person to person. Reiki works on the logic of its own. Reiki break the blockages and burns the negativity and makes its own way of developing a positive attitude towards life.

Reiki is an art to get love your own self. When you are selfish in the beginning, and devote quality time, you get quality results. But don't begin with the expectations of results. Sadhna for Sadhna sake. Sadhana is not doing the convenient but the inconvinient. A great deal of people after the initial enthusiasm lose the path and the will; and the patterns re-emerge. Life is dependent on how we think, what we eat, how we behave and our character. Do we change all this throughout? How then we expect lifetime transformation just with few days practice? Sadhna is for a lifetime. Is an hour a day too much a price to pay for a good life?

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