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Reiki Chakras : The energy centre  

In the simplest meaning, chakras are the subtle but powerful energy centres inside the human body. The word “chakras” is actually derived from an Indian  word which means wheel or a circle. However, the word chakras is of Sanskrit origin and has been used in almost all the traditional ways of healing as practiced in the east. The concept of chakras has been used for over hundred years. The chakra’s role in treating illness and disorders has been monumental.

In Reiki, there are seven chakras or energy centers seated inside a person. These chakras are situated in the different points in the body. Each chakra work with a group of vital organs. Together, they ensure wellness of a person at all levels. However, these chakras may be prone to deficiencies and imbalances. This is where Reiki can help.

Root Chakra : it is based in the area of coccyx in man and between ovaries in women. The chakras is the seat of physical vitality and the fundamental urge to survive. It regulates thouse mechanism which keep the physical body alive.

Glands : the supra renal glands

Organs : the kidneys, the bladder the spine. It takes care of survival issues, seat of kundalini energy, creative expression and abundance issues.

Colour : Red

Hara Chakra : It is positioned slightly below the navel, in front of the sacrum. It is centre of sexual energy ( both as transmitter and receiver) and of ego. The feelings of other people are directly perceived with this chakra, making it one of the centres of extra – sensory perceptions.

Gland : Gonades, testicles and ovaries.

Organs : It takes care of reproductive organs and legs, centre of sexual energy (transmitter and receiver). It creates and protect the purpose of life.

Colour : Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra : It lies slightly above the navel. It is actual centre of the body, the place where physical energy is distributed. It is also the centre of unrefined emotions and the power urge. We draw feelings from solar plexus and feel at heart.

Gland : Adrenal Gland

Organs : Stomach, Liver, and gall bladder, Digestive system

Colour : Bright Yellow

Heart Chakra : It is positioned in the middle of the chest at the height of the heart. It is the centre of real, unconditional affection as well as brotherliness, spiritual growth, compassion devotion and love. There are many meditations to open up with this chakra.

Gland : The thymus

Organs : The heart, the liver, the lungs and blood circulation

Colour : Bright light green

Throat Chakra : It is chakra of communication, self expression and creativity. This is where you hear your inner voice

Gland : The thyroid

Organs : Throat, upper arms, lungs, food pipe, wind pipe (digestive tract )

Colour : Light blue

The Third- Eye Chakra : It lies in the middle of the forehead, a little higher than eyebrows. The intuition centre and psychic wisdom. It is seat of the will, the intellect and spirit. It is here we visualize things, the opening of this chakra create awareness and spiritual awakening.

Gland : The pituitary

Organs : The spine, the lower brain, the left eye, the nose and ears.

Colour: Dark Blue

The Crown Chakra : It is positioned at the top of the head. The chakras represents the highest level of consciousness that mankind can attain. The chakras is the seat of intuition and direct spiritual vision which exceeds the ability and clairvoyance by far.

Gland : The pineal gland

Organ : The upper brain and the right eye

Colour : Dark Violet

Balancing out the chakras will harmonize  the body, dissolve blockages of energy and set potential capabilities free. We do not touch the highest chakras, since the highest state of consciousness requires neither harmonization  nor the provision of additional energy.


    • Speed up healing process and supports your body’s ability to heal itself
    • Promotes peace and calmness, eliminates stress, anxiety and insomnia
    • Immediate results, do not requires years of practice
    • Strengthen your immune system and detoxify you
    • Treat minor ailments as well as chronic illness
    • Opens the dinner to your heart and heals you
    • Gives you vitality and mental clarity
    • It’s easy, effective, efficient and safe
    • You can apply Reiki any time
    • Help in meditation  
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