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Madam Takata  

Hawayo Takata (born 24th December 1900 – died 11th December 1980)
Madam Takata, a young Japanese-American woman, visited Dr Hayashi’s clinic in 1935. She was very ill and depressed due to the death of her husband a few years earlier. She was on the verge of having surgery when she heard the voice of her deceased husband urging her not to have the operation. After consulting her Dr about this, he recommended that she try the Reiki Clinic in Japan. She travelled to Tokyo for treatment and was fully healed.
She was so impressed that she decided to learn Reiki, but at the time it was a man’s domain. However, she would not give up easily and her persistence paid off. She was finally instructed in first and then second degree Reiki; went back to America and opened her own practice.
Dr Hayashi went to visit Madam Takata in Hawaii during 1938 and soon after she was initiated as a Master/Teacher. Dr Hayashi then returned to Japan.
As Madam Takata was one of the students who were called to witness Dr Hayashi’s death, she remained to help with his funeral arrangements. After which she travelled back to Hawaii where she pursued the teachings of Reiki, using a standard set of hand positions during all teachings and treatments.
In the 1970’s she began to train other Masters. When she died in 1980 she had trained 22 Masters, including her cousin, Iris Ishikuro. The Reiki system taught by Madam Takata is in many ways different from the original methods taught by Dr Usui, but it still remains a complete and valid system. It works very well and is ideally suited to the western way of life.

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