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“My experiences through reiki are manifold, I am in reiki from 12-13 years minimum. i guess, and I am experiencing every day through reiki.. for instance, whenever I am into regular practice of reiki, I have never looked back.... I have achieved everything I intended for.. reiki has given me best of everything. Personally I feel reiki has increased confidence in me for facing any situation of life being it good or bad with smile on face, faith in universe, courage and zeal.. Everything in life has a very short shelf life... being it the good phase of life or the tough phase of life ... and so is my experience with reiki.. as long as I practice it, my entire aura is enhanced and the moment I discontinue it, I trap myself into a vicious circle of a journey called life.. :) :)”

Priyanka Tandon

“Reiki has given me so much that words can not express the difference it has made to all aspects of my life.
The greatest gift that Reiki has given me is the gift of my masters. It is through their love and guidance that I find that lately I have become human. I can not name the creature that I was. Yes, I do know that I am beginning to realize and practice values that are known as human values   honesty, sincerity, sharing.
Earlier these were concepts and precepts that I followed more out of the need for approval from others. I needed this approval not only to justify my acts and deeds but more importantly myself and my being. Today I practice these values because I find that they are integral to me.
I am deeply grateful to my masters Puranji and Sumanji for manifesting Truth in Action in their lives and to the Divine Grace that has chosen such masters light to transform my life into the miracle of being human.

Monica — Reiki Master

Reiki is a natural way of healing, by practicing which, one gets peace of mind. Since the time I have learnt Reiki I feel very healthy physically. Earlier I was not very well off financially as a result I was always very upset and tense. Since the time I have learnt Reiki my financial condition has improved and my business has also prospered. I am very much at peace. My waist used to pain and I used to get tired very fast. But because of Reiki now my ailments have been cured. Reiki is a very precious meditation for me –

Taramati Yadav-Chhattisgarh

Since long I am a believer of the effects of the ancient Indian techniques such as yoga, meditation etc. I learnt yoga as a child but could not practice it due to other priorities in life. Now after attaining 60 years of age it became essential for me to practice it in order to keep myself fit; but I had my own doubts whether I can reach the perfection in it at this age. When I wras searching for some technique to keep my body and mind fit, I heard Sri Muralidharan of my department talking to somebody about Reiki and its benefits. I showed interest and accepted his advice and learnt Reiki and started practicing it. Even though with Godtsl grace, I do not suffer from any chronic ailments such as diabetes and BP, I do have back pain, joint pain etc. Also I am worried about my emotions such as anger and depression
Thanks to Reiki I got very effective benefits in reducing the above. I want to reach perfection since it is very useful to me. I pray to God to give me enough time and opportunity to practice Reiki.

P. Unnikrishnan -Orissa

Reiki gives me confidence in every circumstances. It changed my life gave me love, abundance, prosperity. Thanks sir". - Mrs. Sarika Mittal- lucknow

reiki has made me obedient & disciplined. Reiki has shown me how these qualities help in solving our problems" - punam garg -meerut

“I heard about Reiki a lot but was never inclined to learn it. People talked about its healing power and its role in changing the way of thinking and living but I never believed all this talk till a friend of mine convinced me to join a class. I realised that reiki has a lot to do with human mind and body.
It brings about conspicuous and constructive results. I have become more positive in my thinking and doings. Physically also I feel more fresh and active through- out the day. It has increased my concentration power as well. I thank my master and my friend from my heart.”

Vikram Jodhpur

“ I am a doctor in the army and reiki channel. Early this year a patient was admitted to ICU (A case of Jaundice with sever hiccups). I was on duty there. He was restless because of the hiccups. Aspecialist tried but could not believe him of the hiccups. I gave him Reiki for 10 minutes and he became alright. He was very happy and thankful. I thanked my master and the person who had introduced me to Reiki, With Reiki, I myself become little calm otherwise I was known as a fighter”
“It is with blessings of Reiki that I do not need medicines anymore. After having being prescribed all possible medicines by doctors for depression and sciatica, a cousin introduced me to Reiki. Reiki has helped me grow in every sphere of life.
“In the year 2001, one midnight I woke up with suffocation, and could not breath properly for about an hour. Next morning I told my husband to call the doctor immediately. After check up my B.P. – 210, E.C.G.- strained, sugar/ cholesterol, had shotup which I never had  earlier. I told my husband I am dying. With the treatment irregularities returned to normalcy. I realised I need healing. We consulted one of our neighbour brought him one day to our place Again after few days the dying feeling took me over. That evening about 30 reiki healers gave me distance healing but still the next day I could not walk, do anything. I climbed the stairs of the healers’ house with the help of two three persons. After Reiki healing by the Master on that subsequent week I came back to life again THANKS to DIVINE REIKI and the master. Since then my faith towards Divinity and Reiki is unshakable.

Mandakini Shankhder, Delhi

“I am working mother of a typical troublesome teenager. I would constantly worry about his academics specially since he is very demotivated where studies are concerned. He was performing very badly every year his promotion was doubtful. All of us at home would worry about him constantly. I kept sending him Reiki everyday at the four points- third eye, throat, solar plexus and thighs. Then I introduced him to the world of REIki – he did his first degree while he was going through the purification process of the 21 days I began noticing a change in him. He became more focussed more considerate and he started improving his grades. Although we still have the periodic outburst of temper once in a while and those flashes of rebellion I find that after Reiki my son Nikhil is a much easier person to live with. His academic performance has now improved to a level where he does not just study to pass, but he has reached to a level where he is competing.




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